Det är roligt då en så tufft turnérande trummis som Russell Gilbrook tar sig tid att svara på frågor. Russels största idol är kanske inte riktigt den man tänker sig, men det bevisar att inte alla har en stor rockhjälte som sin största idol.


First of all. Who is Russell Gilbrook?

–  I am a drummer that has been playing since the age of 4, had a fantastic teacher therefor was able to play all kinds of music projects.

 When did you decide that your life should involve drumming?

– I’ve always known!
Is there some other bands were you have been a member? Or have you been a lone ranger all your musical life?

– I have been part of a couple of bands but nothing transpired, so was happy doing the session thing.

All people have idols. Who was your idol when you were young? Your biggest influence?

– My drum teacher was my idol, however there were many musicians I looked up to and have been influenced by, John Bonham, Buddy Rich, Mozart, Nat King Cole.

You are a father. Is it hard to leave the family when on tour?

– Of course it’s hard, but I have to be strong other wise I would have to give up touring and that would not be possible.

You´re now a member in Uriah Heep. How did you get that job? Was it a thrill to hear Mick Box voice giving you the news?

– I got it through Trevor Bolder who had been to a drum masterclass that I did, and yes it was great to hear the words “you’ve got it”

Every time that I have seen you guys (Uriah Heep) on stage, you always seem to have a great time. Is it always a party in the Heep-crew?

– Yes we are very lucky to be doing the job we do, and have lots of good times on tour, touring can be a bit stressful but you find ways around it and we have a laugh.

A song that have more “power” live is the song Gypsy. Are you aware that it sounds like you´re crashing the drums when you play the intro? Is there some other songs that you love to play live?

– Well spotted! Yes it’s one of those riffs that you can’t help destroy, I like playing most of the songs live for different reasons.

The last two albums (Wake The Sleeper & Into The Wild) shows that Heep is back on track. Will the new album sound alike or are you trying to get some new sounds?

– This depends on how the writing goes, but I think we will try a couple of new ideas.

Is there a chance that we will hear a song written by you on the next album by Heep? A “Moby Dick” type of song?

– Not sure yet, but you never know what ideas might come up

Another thing, that not many people knows about, is that you will play drums on the next Avantasia album. How did you get in touch with Tobias Sammet?

– Tobias called me after his band Edguy supported Heep at a festival, he loved my playing and asked me to get involved

Any plans for a tour with that band?

– Not at present, but again it depends on people’s schedules.

Do you have a favourite city to play in? If I would be a rock star I would love to play in L.A.

– I like Tokyo, it’s an amazing city, Cape Town is beautiful, there are so many amazing places we’ve played at, I am fortunate to see so much of the world.

Your five favourite albums/songs?
1. Harvey Mason – Earth mover

2. Buddy Rich – The driver.

3. Whitesnake – Still of the night

4. Rainbow – Rainbow rising

5. Tony Iommi – Iommi

These are possibly not my favorites as I have too many to list, I just picked 5 that mean something to me.

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  1. […] roligt och jag vill rikta ett stort tack till de som tagit sig tid att svara. Extra roligt att Russell Gilbrook (Uriah Heep) tog sig tid att svara på lite frågor. Andra som intervjuats under året är bland […]

  2. Heepaholic says:

    Mange takk for flott intervju. Russel er en svært hyggelig mann som jeg har blitt godt kjent med og han er en utrolig teknisk dyktig trommis. I tillegg så har han sort belte i karate, noe du kan se på tempoet han orker over lengre tid :-)

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