Den föredetta Uriah Heep-sångaren, John Sloman, släppte alldeles nyligen ett nytt album. Skivan har fått titeln “The Taff Trail Troubadour” och är lite hårdare än vad man är van att Sloman brukar släppa i sitt eget namn. Jag ska sätta tänderna i albumet så snart jag bara hinner men av det jag har hört låter det lovande. Längst ner i inlägget finns en av låtarna från skivan och vill man lyssna på alla så är det bara att klicka här. Hade verkligen varit roligt om Sloman kunde dyka upp i Sverige på någon festival eller på något klubb-gig. Varför inte på Club Asylum?


‘Out of the mist he comes
Into this world of Lies and Illusion
He’s riding the Trail
The Trail of Truth
Ushering the Waters to the Sparkling Sea’

The Taff Trail Troubadour is a mythical figure who has spent many lifetimes walking the trail between the Brecon Beacons and the waters around that which we now call Cardiff Bay. He sleeps suspended somewhere between this world and the next, only to awaken when this world is in the kind of chaos it finds itself in today. In 1st Century Roman Britain he sang songs mocking Julius Caesar. And in the 14th Century, he railed against the English invaders while singing the praises of the great Owain Glyndwr. Here in the 21st Century, he awakens once more, and the objects of his ire are: Secret government de-population programs, Psychopaths, The Geneva Convention, Nazi scientists working for NASA, Terrorists groups, Fundamentalist atheists, Politicians shedding fake tears to fool the public, Maniacs who claim that God told them to do it (whatever it is), and the apparent Extinction of all Truth on Planet Earth – this sentiment being captured in the lament of the final track: ‘Come back truth…all is forgiven…’

If you’re sick of hearing how we’re all going to be murdered in our beds by terrorists, from the very people who funded and armed those terrorists – then this is for you.

All songs written, performed and recorded by John Sloman

Artwork by Martin Brady

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